Our Process

Our Process

From Our Dock To Your Door In 3 Days, Not 8 Days.



Our selections come from a network of trusted suppliers, who follow our strict, industry-leading, quality and safety standards.


The fish are raised in a closed recirculating aquaculture system and fed an all-natural diet, which is free from antibiotics or steroids. These sustainable systems cause no harm to the environment because there is no waste runoff and is reliant on renewable energy.

We require all our farmed fish to carry an ASC rating from the Aquamarine Stewardship Council. This certifies that the farms are routinely inspected and pass strict sustainability requirements.


Our suppliers use specific catch methods (hook and line, pole method, etc.) to avoid capturing non-intended species, as a result of bycatch. We avoid working with suppliers that use a bottom trawl as this can result in the destruction of a local ecosystem.

All our fishermen are MSC-certified which ensures that they are only catching fish that adhere to certain specifications (such as size and weight) and not catching more fish than permitted.


Our packaging is made out of biodegradable, non-toxic, and recyclable materials, while also maintaining the seafood at its peak freshness.