September 21, 2017

How We Package Our Fresh Fish For Delivery

Shipping perishables is no easy task, especially fresh seafood. There's many ways for it to go wrong, but we do it right.  Inside our  We use Cryovac's Sealed Air - Food Care, an FDA compliant product.


The Cryovac® 10K OTR bag for fresh fish is highly permeable
and has a guaranteed oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of
greater than 10,000 cc/m2/24 hr @ STP (ASTM D3985). This
bag complies with the policies stated in FDA Import Alert
#16–125. All bags are printed with “Cryovac® 10K OTR” on the
bag to alert inspectors at any point in the retail or food service
distribution system that the package meets FDA guidelines.

• Highly permeable, multi-layered, coextruded polyolefin
• Oxygen permeability greater than 10,000 cc/m2/24 hr @ STP
• High gloss and sheen along with superior clarity and sparkle
• End seal, taped or loose

• Specifically designed to operates with standard rotary chamber systems, bag
loaders and other vacuum packaging equipment to maximize productivity.
• Reduced temperature permits shipping product with less wet ice, reducing
overall shipping costs.

• Allows product to be chilled quickly after packaging with an ice brine
solution to extend freshness.

• High gloss and sheen for improved appearance.
• Permits fresh fish to be packaged in two, five or ten-pound units.
• Helps maintain color of fresh tuna without CO2 treatment.
• High-shrinking material provides a skin-tight, oxygen permeable barrier to
preserve freshness.